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Welcome To Achkout.com, your digital portal to the town of Achkout, Lebanon!

Achkout is one of the biggest towns of Keserwan, occupying 850 Hectares or 8,500,000 square meters. Located at the heart of Keserwan, it’s around 25Km away from the Capital Beirut and between 800-1200 meters above sea level.
Limited from the North by Raachine and Dlebta , from the East by Feytroun and Bekaatat Achkout, from the South by Ajaltoun and Reyfoun , from the West by Ghosta and Bzommar.
Achkout is surrounded by mountains from three sides, Kerse elKattin and Kerse el Moutran and El Hosen Feytroun and overlooking the sea and Beirut from the West side.
The Origin of the name Achkout comes from the Syriac Arameic “Aasktou” meaning tough, uneven land, and the nature of Achkout proves that quite well.

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